Real Statistics Give You a Real Edge

We reverse-engineer Stock, Forex, Bitcoin markets to reveal their unique tendencies, revealing which indicators show an 'edge,' and when historically are the best times to trade.


Look Deeper Into Your Market

Many will not tell you, but think about it:

The best chance of success in the markets comes from a real, statistically provable edge.

We have made this easy to find for end-of-day Stock, Forex, and Bitcoin traders.

Learn the average values of your indicators, and the occurrence of candle patterns and other events, at both market tops & bottoms. Know what to expect from your market.

Base your entries on real historical market behaviour. Or keep trading hunches and other peoples' ideas...​​it's your choice.

forex bitcoin stock market statistics

We Deliver Market Insights in Two Formats

Bare Essentials
An oversized PDF that reveals dozens of historical market tendencies at market tops & bottoms with market stats in both numbers and in paragraph ("plain English") form.

The Full Monty
A deep Excel spreadsheet that helps you discover & test trading ideas based on multiple criteria. A fascinating, interactive "Power Tool" for traders & investors to develop unique strategies.

Bare Essentials: Know Thy Market

forex and stock market statistics
Bare Essentials is a PDF showing the results of a complex analysis of over 20 years of market data. It reveals:
  • The average values of RSI, Momentum, Stochastics, and MACD at historical market tops and bottoms, and the deviation from the norm
  • The normal daily range of your market and how much it varies
  • Typical length of upper & lower bar wicks, typical volume, and daily P/L
  • Engulfing Bars, Inside Bars, Hammers, and more at tops & bottoms
  • Frequency of Moving Average crossovers at tops & bottoms
  • Price vs Daily, Weekly, and Monthly VWAP at tops & bottoms
  • Price vs Weekly and Monthly VPOC at tops & bottoms
  • ...and much more !

What Are the Best-Performing Days & Months?

How Differently Would You Trade If You Knew:
  • Which weekday your favorite indicator is consistently most overbought/oversold?
  • Which months average the highest or lowest P/L ?
  • How much more often the market closes ‘up’ on Fridays vs other days?
  • Which days "Hammer" candle types occur most at market bottoms?
  • How much variance in volume there usually is at market tops?
  • Whether there REALLY is a historical edge to using the MACD?
  • Become confident in your market's unique ranges and tendencies!
TradeDiver Basic Essentials forex bitcoin stock market stats

What Is My Edge, in Plain English?

TradeDiver Basic Essentials forex bitcoin stock market stats
With Bare Essentials There's No Need to Sift through Numbers to see:
  • Whether any indicator or bar type shows a potential market advantage--in Plain English.
  • Your favorite indicators' tendencies at market tops  & bottoms 
  • How often 54 candle types occur at swing tops & bottoms
  • The typical length of candle wicks, volume amount, daily P/L, & more

See It Here

At Only $19, We Call Bare Essentials a NO-BRAINER.

It shows your market's tendencies at tops & bottoms clearly and easily in 2 ways: actual numbers (average & deviation) AND in plain English.

You will see 2 types of market stats on 1 easy-to-read page:

  1. Bar & indicator behaviour at Market Tops vs 'Normal'
  2. Bar & indicator behaviour at Market Bottoms vs 'Normal'

The numbers and clear explanations help you identify potential market edges that you can use to increase your odds.

Click the image at the right for a real example PDF you will receive with your Bare Essentials order >>

TradeDiver Basic Essentials

Trade Smarter with Bare Essentials

The cheapest, easiest way to get STRATEGIC STATS on your market. A no-brainer!


The Full Monty: Reveal What Your Market is Trying to Tell You

TradeDiver Full Monty forex bitcoin stock market stats
An Advanced Excel Spreadsheet That Helps You Design a Provable Trading Strategy
  • See your chosen market really come alive in a deeply fascinating, interactive market analysis tool.
  • Find real historical probabilities on any market advantage you can imagine
  • Slice and dice the data as much as you want and uncover your own unique edge. It's fun, too!
  • Create strategies that combine Candlesticks, Technical Indicators, P/L%, Wick Size, Win/Loss Streaks, and more

Limitless Entry Ideas. Visually Organized.

Go Deep. Find Almost Any Technical Edge Imaginable
  • Looking for seasonal patterns? Easy. Check the graphs of P/L% by month.
  • How often do we close higher the next day, when yesterday was down by more than 2%?
  • Is there an Edge? Normal values, values at Market Tops, and values at Market Bottoms are all shown SIMULTANEOUSLY for easy comparison. 
  • Formulas are locked so there is no risk of damaging the data
  • Confirm (or Disconfirm) What You Think You Already Know!
TradeDiver Full Monty forex bitcoin stock market stats

Design Your Own Statistically-Accurate Entry Method

TradeDiver-filter data in Excel
Filter by Multiple Criteria to Find Best Combinations
  • Even without any data filtering (which we show you how to do--it's easy) you can see market patterns by year, month, and day in the mini-graphs
  • Power Users can use Excel to filter just what they want to see. Here are some examples: 
  • How about finding which weekday has a Bearish Engulfing Bar *AND* RSI >80 ? Easy (see screenshot)
  • What's the average P/L% of days where price is above both the 50-period MA and the 200-period MA?
  • Which is more useful for finding tops & bottoms: Stochastics, RSI, or MACD? (hint: which has the lowest deviation?)
  • What's the average range of a bar at at Market Top? How does this compare to typical (non-top) bar range? (no filtering needed to see this)
  • Does your entry rule work better when price is above or below VWAP?
  • Add your favorite custom indicators (nominal charge for additional indicators)

'The Full Monty' *Includes* 'Bare Essentials' for Your Market

You Get BOTH for Only $29 

Get the high-level Bare Essentials PDF Summary Sheet of your market's behaviour at tops & bottoms, AND the powerful, filterable, Full Monty spreadsheet that you can use to design your custom Trading System. 

    • Use Bare Essentials to 'get to know' your market.
    • Use The Full Monty to DIVE DEEP into the real market stats that will help you create your unique edge.


TradeDiver Basic Essentials

Compare Across Years, Months and Weekday at a Glance

Actual Screenshots from The Full Monty Spreadsheet


Mix and Match Indicators with Bar Events (Volume, Streaks, P/L, etc)


Start Designing Your Trading System Now

Discover new ways of seeing the market with The Full Monty. And find a statistical edge that is uniquely your own.

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​Outstanding Experience!

Bare Essentials

Reveal Your Market's Tendencies at Tops & Bottoms

A PDF report showing market tendencies for 20+ years of end-of-day statistics for any stock/forex/bitcoin market

  • Indicator Averages at Market Tops & Bottoms
  • Candlestick  Occurrences at Tops & Bottoms
  • Timing stats: highest and lowest market event occurrences and indi values by day of week and by month of the year
  • Easy, "Plain-English" interpretations of potential edges in any market!
  • No Complex Spreadsheets
  • No Charts & Graphs

$19 per symbol

Select your desired ticker symbols at checkout.

The Full Monty

Design Your Own Trading System

A Powerful, Interactive Spreadsheet of 20+ years of stock/forex/bitcoin ticker symbol data revealing market patterns you can use to design your own custom strategies

  • Filter data by Year/Month/Day, Mkt Top/Bottom
  • Complex Pattern Building for Advanced Entries
  • Test Entry ideas based on Multiple Criteria
  • Hundreds of mini-graphs for easy Edge hunting
  • Add any number of extra indicators to your order
  • INCLUDES the Bare Essentials summary!

$29 per symbol

Select your desired ticker symbols at checkout.

With the right tools, progressive traders and investors no longer have to be programmers or quants to find a mathematically provable edge in the markets. ANYONE can use real statistics to be more competitive in the markets.

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Please note that we provide market information for educational purposes only. We do not offer trading advice of any kind. Remember that past performance in the markets is never indicative of future results. Do your own due diligence, find your own market edge, and properly test your trading ideas.